Tuesday Food Day 1

I am sure you have all had the same experience as me at any given point in your life, when you go into the doctor’s office and they weigh you and look at you and tell you how much healthier you would be if maybe you lost a little weight. Now when you are a breast cancer patient they get real serious about this. The data apparently is undeniable that the heavier you are the greater the risk of recurrence.

breastcancer.org gives the following statistics:

Compared to healthy-weight women:

  • women who were obese when diagnosed had a 30% higher risk of recurrence and a 50% higher risk of dying from breast cancer no matter the characteristics of the cancer
  • obese and overweight women diagnosed with hormone-receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer had worse disease-free survival (the length of time a woman lives without the cancer growing) and worse overall survival (the length of time a woman lives with or without the cancer growing)

The journal of Clinical Oncology gave this information in an article from 2014:

In conclusion, the growing number of observational studies consistently show that maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active may confer additional improvements in breast cancer survival beyond surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.13


More and more research is coming out with how having a lower BMI helps prevent some cancers and some recurrences. So with my doc gave me a stern talk and told me to get more exercise and to lower my BMI. Given this information I have come up with some goals. As part of this journey I will be working on three main elements of my life.

  1. Continuing to get fit. Making sure my body is always ready to do any challenge I feel like trying.
  2. I want to work on my mind. I have less patience than I used to and I want to work on that. I want to spend more time enjoying every moment with my family.
  3. I want to work on eating more vegetable and helping my family to do the same.


Now for reference I am not a foodie or a chef by any means. I am not the biggest fan of cooking and my dishes come out fairly mediocre. So any recipe I try better be easy! I also do not have a distinguishing palate so I can only say if a dish is good, bad, or maybe needs something. For the life of me will not be able to identify what is needed although I will always start with garlic!   Each week I will try some new recipes from around the internet mostly as I am too lazy to get in a cookbook and with four kids it is way easier to search on my phone here and there than it is to get out some books and not have them lose my spot. This week I went back to kale chips. Now I didn’t exactly use a recipe from online as I had done this before. However the last time I had done it I used parmesan cheese unfortunately one of the children had left it out and so I was left to improvise. Not a good spot for somebody who is not a great cook, but a common occurrence for a mother of four children. I decided to use this time as an experiment to get not only myself but my kids to eat more veggies.

First I started out with a nice bunch of organic Kale. I forgot to take a picture until after the end of the week so my kale looks a little weak but I will replace this picture with a nice one as soon as I buy more kale.


I set the oven to 275°F. While the oven was warming up I washed two kale leaves and carefully dried. then I cut the main stem off and sliced them into bite sized pieces.


I divided the kale into four bowls and sprinkled the will a small amount of olive oil, approximately 1 tbsp. Then I mixed the kale to make sure it was thoroughly covered. Next I added one of four different spices to each bowl: salt and pepper, garlic powder, taco seasoning and wasabi. I just sprinkled until they looked fairly covered after stirring it up. See this is where I fall down in the cooking category. Net time I will try to measure it out.   Oops. I then lined a cookie sheet with parchment paper as I hate messy clean up. I spread the contents of one bowl onto the cookie sheet and placed them in the oven.


I let them cook for about 20 min and they came out perfectly crisp! Yay a win for me! Now for the results of the experiment.

  1. Salt and pepper- not too bad. The kids were not impressed. So I ate them.
  2. Garlic powder- very garlicky as I let one of my kiddos add it. The kids liked this one the best but agreed it was a little too garlicky. I ate them.
  3. Taco seasoning- this one turned out surprisingly well and was the second most liked flavor. I also ate these.
  4. Wasabi-the worst. I am not sure what I did wrong but these were horrible! There was no wasabi flavor or heat at all. I looked forward to these the most but was sadly disappointed.   I kept eating these hoping the next bite would be better. I was wrong.

In the end the kids were not impressed, but I remembered how much I love kale chips! I would however go back to parmesan as even with this experiment parmesan was the best. Unless maybe I added parmesan and garlic! Either way kale chips are super easy and can be a fun experiment!


Well that is it for the first food related post! I hope to do at least one a week and hopefully they will get better and more organized! Please comment and let me know what worked and what didn’t!


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