Big Announcement!

I have been very busy since I last wrote. With the holidays and the kids end of school activities it has been fairly chaotic. Although truth be told with 4 kids and doctors appointments my life is always chaotic. We have had a few birthdays, Thanksgiving, dance performances, soccer games, and the usual appointments and blood draws. I have been mulling around my next running goals in what time I have to think. At first I thought of doing another half marathon, but given my current medical status I wanted to push the limits a little more. I have been intrigued with ultramarathons for a while, but have not wanted to spend the time needed to train for something so big. At the same time I really wanted to use my running not just for me but for a purpose. I have spent the month of November trying to find a way to put these two goals together. Finally near the end of the month it came to me. I found an organization called Metavivor. It is an organization that takes donations and funnels the money collectively into research aimed at metastatic breast cancer research. Only 2-5% of breast cancer research is geared toward metastatic breast cancer research. If you think about how much awareness is brought to breast cancer throughout the year, 2-5% is a tiny amount. Metavivor aims to raise this number and bring awareness to this segment of the population.

Once I found this organization I knew I needed to work with them. Then I just had to figure out how to incorporate my running into this plan. I did not want to do something in October because it feels so inundated with the Pink and early stage breast cancer. I wanted this awareness to be year long. It hit me how the number four is involved in my life. I have four girls, I have stage four breast cancer why not do something that revolves around this number. I settled on four 50k races in 2020. I ran it by my running buddy to see if it was too crazy an idea. She laughed, smiled and told me it was crazy, but reasonably crazy! My family agreed they thought I could do this. I am amazed at the confidence that the people in my life have in me. They are unfazed at my reasonably crazy ideas. To have such support is amazing. My doctor gave me the final approval and planning began.

I hope to chronicle this reasonably crazy journey with you all each week as I take on the training that is required for this endeavor. I hope you all follow along and share this blog and the soon to be created youtube channel also aimed at allowing people to follow along. Please also share my fundraising page which I will add as soon as I get it up and running. Lets get some more money involved in this element of breast cancer!