Scars of accomplishments

This week has been a reminder of why I exercise. Alan Rickman and David Bowie both passed away from cancer. It is another not so subtle reminder that this lovely disease has made its mark on my life. But this is where I choose to let it end. I acknowledge my fears and concerns that my life may be shortened as these peoples’ lives were.   If I were so inclined I might even have a good cry. Then I let it go. I look in the mirror at my jagged scar on my chest and I remind myself how it looks like Harry Potter’s scar. Just like it served dually as a reminder of what could have happened it also serves to remind me of what I can do. Then I raise my arms and check out how my guns are coming along. Yes I have a slight obsession with my musculature because those muscles tell me what I can do.

I can swing around 40lb bags of pellets fairly easily.

I can easily pick up all four of my children. Not all at once but every now and then I lift three at a time.

I can heave around the Christmas tree I cut down in my yard.

I can do around 25 push-ups should I feel inclined.

I can literally hang around the playground with my children.

I can see my leg muscles becoming more defined and in them I can see what strength they have given me.

I can hike a 14,000 ft mountain in Colorado and they will take me on many more!

I can run 13.1 miles by the ocean in California or in the mountains by my house.

I can run around and goof off with my children on the playground.

I can do squats while holding my 80lb daughter showing her that strength and love will often coexist.

I can take on any challenge placed in front of me or more importantly chosen by me.

So I will head outside when I can and even when I feel I can’t because I must let those muscles be free to remind me what I can do.




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