About Mariasol Gutierrez

I am a breast cancer survivor and a homeschooling mother of four girls.  I am on a journey to better health for myself and my family.  When I have a bit of spare time I try to read up as much as I can on nutrition and exercise, oh yeah and to actually exercise.  I love to hike and run outside in the mountains.  I also love to go on shorter runs with my girls and long hikes with my husband.  My long term goals are to gain more education so I can help others on this same path especially my girls.  My short terms goals are to survive the week without drowning in dishes and laundry.


One thought on “About Mariasol Gutierrez

  1. You are so inspirational. Love your blog, look forward to more posts and hearing you are in remission and eventually cancer free. Thanks for meeting us for breakfast. You and Marie are such fun.


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