Einstein Hair, don’t care?!

When I was in the 7th grade I went trick or treating for the first time. Using two cans of 80’s hair spray I proudly made myself look like Einstein. Nerd? Yes and still am. Now I wake up with Einstein hair.


It can also be called homeschool Monday hair.


I can brush it 25 times a day. As there is so little this only takes minutes a day. After about 5 minutes though it returns to its chaotic state. One might say that my hair has a good sense of entropy. The cause of this entropy is the Ibrance medication. It has made me lose a ton of hair and is doing weird stuff to what little hair is left. The texture, color, and thickness of my hair has all changed since April when I started the medication.

I have two teenage girls and two preteens. While momentary purposeful embarrassment can make for good parent fun I am not sure I want to fully embarrass them. Most kids don’t want their mom looking like Einstein. At the same time I want my girls to have good body positive feelings. If I cannot show them that I am comfortable with my body as is then what are they learning from me? Don’t get me wrong. I am fairly entertained by the various states of chaos of my hair, and I have a few friends that say my selfies are the best. Clearly I am not phased by the state of my hair as I am posting these pictures online for all the world to see. However, I do not want to embarrass my children when I pick them up from school or attend school events. So what do I do?  Do I put it under a hat all the time? Do I let it out free?


Do I cut it and go for the Monchichi look?  Do I shave it all off and be bald and beautiful?


I would love to hear comments and ideas so drop them down below!



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